3 Core Flat Cable / (Submersible Cables)

flexolite imageSpecial 3 Core Flat cable are manufactured for critical space requirement, protection against indefinite immersion in water under specified conditions, protection against rain-water and against ingress of small solid foreign bodies.

flexolite image Special 3 Core Flat cable are Produced from best quality electrolytic copper, which is drawn , annealed on-line and bunches on automatic machines to ensure flexibility and uniform resistance. The Conductors are insulated with a special grade of PVC on sophisticated co-extrusion lines. Outer sheath consist of highly abrasion resistant PVC Compound impervious to grease, oil and water etc.

Specification of 3 Core Flat Cables

    • Copper Conductor.

      Co-Extruded Natural PVC Insulation.

      Co-Extruded Coloured Skin Coating Of PVC Insulation .

      PVC Sheath.