Co-axial Cable

the market leader in power and control cables offer the widest range of cables and wires in the country.flexolite imageCo-axial Cable for the cable TV Network are manufactured at its ultra modern plant. The stringent quality control measure coupled with the companies R & D efforts ensure production of co-axial cable that are technologically superior.

The central conductor is made of the solid electrical grade 99.97 pure copper to ensure better signal transmission.The conductor is insulated with nitrogen gas,which is superior and environment friendly as compared to chemical form.The Double screen of special composite type bonded aluminium foil and special grade aluminium alloy branding of 60% coverage ensure low loss in signal quality,additional mechanical strength and existence to avoide formation in tropical weather conditions.The specially in-house formulated PVC Compound used in jacketing is UV and abrasion resistant.

flexolite imageco-axial cables are fully tested for all parameters by computerized analyzer.


Features and Advantages

    • Minimum loss in signal quality.

      Better reception.

      Higher band width.

      Larger network Expantion.

  • Less electromagnetic interference.